Do you want to excel as a leader but are not sure how to?

It isn’t easy to be a great leader for your team and colleagues, but it definitely doesn´t have to be hard or feel lonely.

Leaders are made and remade and effective leadership is an art. This is where I can help you. My Influential Leader method will equip you with the hands-on tools and techniques to grow, guide your organisation and improve as a leader for those you serve.

You will develop confidence, expand your perspective and evolve and you will be able to rely on these new behaviours in current or future roles for many years to come.

My passion for great leadership was born from my 20+ years of work and managerial experience in the political and policy world. I’ve spent lots of time working closely with some of the biggest achievers in national politics, with successful executives in the corporate sector and public sector, and with inspiring people in the charity sector.

I’ve managed several very high performing teams, guiding them on achieving goals, creating value and coaching them on how to demonstrate leadership.


We will work together to help you evolve into leader not a manager. During a few weeks or months, you’ll have the space to reflect and rethink how you show up as a leader. Sessions will equip you with the tools to refine the way you lead, motivate others and influence your organisation.

As well as having access to me outside of sessions, the investment in your own professional development and the growth you’ll experience will enable you to:

  • Be clearer about your purpose and strategy.
  • Communicate with greater impact.
  • Develop confidence and authenticity.
  • Lead with compassion and connect with colleagues.

Creating an active and healthy culture of leadership requires an organisation to discuss and consider how each person can lead.

My motivational keynote on leadership will stimulate ideas and debate, long after your conference, away day or social event is over.

Speeches and presentations include a focus on:

  • Why we are all leaders and the difference we can make.
  • The fears that leaders have and tools to move past these.
  • Supporting a leadership culture that helps organisations navigate a world of complex and rapid change.
  • Creating a dynamic culture of trust that contributes to long-term success.


The nirvana of a successful organisation includes having multiple teams with conflicting objectives working really well with each other, and delivering a great service.

A common understanding of leadership can help bring teams together and provide a good foundation to build productive relationships. 

The Influential Leader workshop provides teams with an opportunity to grow as leaders. In the workshop teams will:

  • Think through essential leadership questions and themes.
  • Reflect on how they lead and ways to improve.
  • Do exercises to work out solutions to common problems.
  • Learn how to create a culture of positive but effective leadership. 

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