Life is short

Timeless wisdom from Ferris Bueller
Timeless wisdom from Ferris Bueller

Have you ever thought to yourself “If I had more time I would start working on my ambitions and goals?”

Or “if I had more time I would do more exercise or read that book I’ve been meaning to for months.”

Perhaps you might have said “if I had more time I’d get in contact with friends or family and catch up”.

But nothing has changed.

It could be that you really do not have spare time to focus on anything else.

However, in many cases people don’t make good use of the time they have to get going on the things they say are important to them.

The phrase “if I had more time…” is one of the most dangerous in the world when it comes to creating a life that’s more fulfilling.

It sounds like an innocent phrase.

You may not be conscious of the cost of delaying action or clear about the benefit of committing to build the discipline that’s essential for change.

So, it can be easy not to take action because there’s no compelling reason in your mind for why change has to happen and why it’s critical to use time wisely by taking action.

There may be deeper reasons why you haven’t made a start or a big push.

But it’s important to be honest with yourself whether the real reason is that you don’t have time.

Life is short, time is fast.

Time isn’t the problem.

One day, you may not have more time to make changes.

In 5 years, 10 years or 25 years thinking instead of using the phrase “If I had more time” you don’t want to be saying “I wish I had more time” instead.

I wish I had more time to start on my dreams.

I wish I had more time to change things.

I wish I had more time to discover who I am.

I wish I had more time to try and live the kind of life I want.

Time is also finite, limited and precious resource.

It could be that you aren’t making the best use of your time because you don’t have clarity about what you really want. Or the confidence to start taking action.

This means there’s a bigger risk of you staying in your comfort zone and killing your own growth.

Get out of your comfort zone and stop procrastinating.

Don’t assume you don’t have time.

Instead of “If I had more time” start with an alternative question of “What can I do to make more time” or “What actions can I take to create spare time.”

You can use some of your time to start working out what you could do.

Schedule small blocks of reflection time that are for you to consider options and possibilities for your life in depth.

These have to be scheduled though to make it more likely you’ll actually follow through.  

When you are scheduling this time think about the environment you’ll be in as well.

For example, there might be a time of the day when your energy is low and you are less productive.  Or when you know you’ll be distracted with the kids, partner or flatmate.

Try to schedule your reflection time when you’ll be more energetic and there’s less distraction.

It’s not good enough to say I’ve no time. Time is there. Even 15 minutes a day, for a couple of weeks, dedicated to exploring how to change your life is better than nothing.

Also, it’s a question of prioritisation in your life.

Drop something non essential from your current schedule to make this time.

Start with easy things, like 30 minutes less TV a day.

Or go to bed a little earlier to wake up a bit earlier to explore your future.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many people have been working from home.

That means less or no commuting. Over 5 days of a standard working week that’s 5-7 hours saved!

Imagine your boss said to you “I’m going to give you 7 hours free time every week for you to work on your future, and still get paid.”

You’d would grab the chance.

So, if you are in the fortunate position of being able to do this – grab it and use the time to start thinking through how to make the best use of your time in the future.

Time is not the problem.

Life is short make the most of it.


What to do next?

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